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Hot and crowded

The weather’s been pretty hot over the last few days and the chicks appear to be suffering in the heat. They’re becoming more mobile and are crawling out of the crowded nest cup, presumably for coolness. Unfortunately the tree the box is in isn’t as heavily leafed as we thought it would be by the […]

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Growing fast

Day 4 There are seven chicks and one unhatched egg. They are growing at an amazing rate and seem more vigorous every day. They look a little more fluffy now. Karma and Buzz are very busy, diligent parents, feeding the little ones dozens of times an hour. Karma sits rather heavily on them a lot […]

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Hatch day

We have babies. Well Karma and Buzz do actually. There were eight eggs and we think we have counted seven chicks, but it is very difficult. There was one egg left until late this afternoon, but that has disappeared, so hopefully there are now eight. Buzz has been in and out feeding all day, while […]

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Bringing dinner home

Karma has now been sitting on her eight eggs for about a week, although the first few days she was a bit on and off. Even now she pops out quite regularly. We’re a bit surprised by this. We imagined she would sit continuously and be fed by Buzz, but it seems not. Buzz does […]

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Sitting full time

The last few days have been a little odd. There have been no more eggs since Saturday, when we thought Karma started sitting. The weather then was cold and wet and it seemed rather unpromising. Since then she has spent the morning out of the nest, popping back regularly for brief visits, then settling in […]

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How to be comfy on 7 eggs?

Karma has laid an egg every morning for the last 7 days and is spending every night in the box. How do you sleep comfortably on 7 eggs?

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Feathering the nest

As expected, when we checked this morning there was a second egg in the nest. Imagine our horror then when we turned on the television this evening to find the eggs gone! Or were they? Closer inspection revealed that Karma had carefully hidden them using feathers. Not so much buried them, as camouflaged them. She’s […]

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First egg

Well it’s definately the female in the nest! Thanks to Phil, and his comment on ‘Overnight Stay’, we realised that the roosting bird is Karma not Buzz and early this morning she produced egg number one. Apparently she will lay one a day until she decides there are enough and then she’ll start incubating them […]

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Overnight stay

The nest building has progressed really fast this week—it looks almost finished, with a lovely feather lining. We’ve been away for the weekend and hadn’t seen any of the weekend’s recordings, so were very excited to see one of the tits come in to the box to roost for the night at about 7.30pm! Looking […]

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A Busy Day For Karma

The day after the threatened invasion of the great tit and Karma has been very busy nest building. Sometimes it looks more as though she’s burrowing in the moss, but we think the ‘nesting shuffle’ is intended to push the nesting material to the edges of the box. What she has against some bits is […]

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