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To help you to keep up to date with all the latest news on Blue Tit Big Brother you can now get email updates whenever a new post is made. Just fill in your email address beneath “Get email updates” in the sidebar, click on “Go!” and follow the instructions. Once you’ve subscribed to the […]

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Who’s who?

As Chris has said Karma is the calmer of the two birds and Buzz the more energetic. You can also tell them apart by their facial markings: Karma has a smaller white triangle patch above the eyes and wider eye stripes and Buzz has a larger white triangle and narrower eye stripes. No idea which […]

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Two’s a crowd

Here are a couple more snippets from the nestcam for you. Firstly we see the calmer of the two birds, whom Sophie has named Karma, asking the question “What’re you looking at?” And then the exciting moment when both blue tits were in the box together. Watch closely – it wasn’t a very long moment! […]

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A day in the garden

We spent the day working in our newly laid out garden today. We had a bunch of plants to plant in the bog garden, and a Victoria plum tree up at the end of the lawn. We’ve got a little seating area on decking right at the bottom of the garden, in what will be […]

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Big Garden Birdwatch

I did my hour’s bird count this morning. Unfortunately the 2 long tailed tits I saw the other day didn’t show up and the goldfinches and dunnocks were shyer than usual. Anyway I saw: 6 siskins 2 robins 1 goldfinch 1 dunnock 3 blackbirds 2 blue tits 5 starlings 6 sparrows 1 wren 2 collared […]

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Just chilling

It looks like one or more blue tits is popping in quite regularly. When we saw this chap this morning we thought at first he was becoming much more comfortable with the surroundings, as he just sat there for ages, chilling out. Which doesn’t make for the most exciting video, but here you go: But […]

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Our first visitor

Exciting news! We’ve seen a blue tit visiting our Big Brother nest box. It’s taken me most of the day to work out how to get the video up to YouTube Google Video, but here you go:

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