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Monthly Archive for May, 2008

The world beckons

All seven chicks have fledged! It happened quite suddenly this morning. One or two more adventurous chicks spent the early part of the morning fluttering up to the hole and looking out. After only seeing the inside walls of nesting box for their entire lives this must have been quite a revelation for them. Then […]

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Quite a mouthful

Wow, that’s some meal. But what goes in…

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Wing stretching

The chicks look like little blue tits now, fully feathered and winged. Lots of wing stretching and trampling on the others going on. There are still 7, but 1 or 2 look much smaller and weaker, so even if they fledge sadly they probably won’t last long.

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Feathers and open eyes

The chicks are growing at a tremendous rate. They have more feathers, their eyes are open and they’re starting to look more cute! There are still 7 of them, though it’s usually pretty difficult to count more than 6 at a time. Karma and Buzz continue to feed very frequently and have to remove poo […]

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Hot and crowded

The weather’s been pretty hot over the last few days and the chicks appear to be suffering in the heat. They’re becoming more mobile and are crawling out of the crowded nest cup, presumably for coolness. Unfortunately the tree the box is in isn’t as heavily leafed as we thought it would be by the […]

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Growing fast

Day 4 There are seven chicks and one unhatched egg. They are growing at an amazing rate and seem more vigorous every day. They look a little more fluffy now. Karma and Buzz are very busy, diligent parents, feeding the little ones dozens of times an hour. Karma sits rather heavily on them a lot […]

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Hatch day

We have babies. Well Karma and Buzz do actually. There were eight eggs and we think we have counted seven chicks, but it is very difficult. There was one egg left until late this afternoon, but that has disappeared, so hopefully there are now eight. Buzz has been in and out feeding all day, while […]

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