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Monthly Archive for March, 2008

Intruders and building frenzies

Perhaps it was the warmer weather, but yesterday was a very busy day in the Blue Tit Big Brother house. It started rather ominously when a character who was very definatley neither Buzz nor Karma was spotted in the box. This was a great tit—much bigger than the blue tits, and clearly able to put […]

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First signs of a nest

We’ve just turned the telly on to discover that several pieces of moss have appeared in the nestbox! We’ve been getting a bit despondent about the blue tits’ on going failure to do anything resembling nest building, so this is excellent news indeed. Unfortunately, although we recorded four hours from the camera this morning, it […]

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Catching up

We’ve been away from the garden for a while with a week of husky dog sledding in Lapland, and then the best part of a week recovering from it! You can read more about our arctic adventure at our holiday blog, Gone mushing. We did make sure that we set the video to get a […]

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