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Spring is on its way

It’s been a warm sunny day and there are plenty of signs of spring in the garden. The end of the garden is full of primroses and there are at least eight frogs hanging about in the pond, and masses of frog spawn. As yet there is no nesting activity going on in the nest […]

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Wild flowers

At last. Our wild flower meadow finally has a decent show of wild flowers. It’s taken several years. We originally seeded it in 2008, just after the garden makeover. We’ve added more flower seed since then, and a bunch of plugs, and now in its third season it’s actually starting to look like a meadow.

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The babies fledged over about two hours yesterday morning. The first one had gone before the recording started, but this film shows the rest of them going. I’ve managed to get it down to about ten minutes. The parents were in and out throughout and went back several times after the babies had gone, just […]

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Bye bye birdies

The blue tit chicks all fledged today. By the time the recorder came on (about 6:30 I think) one had already gone. It was well over two hours later by the time the last one left the nest box, with big gaps between each one. Which doesn’t really make for a nice snappy video clip […]

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Growing fast

There are seven chicks and they’re looking very different in this film to the last one. Their eyes are open, they’re stretching their wings, competing for space and food, being fed very frequently. Oh yes, and pooing frequently too.

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Squillions of tadpoles

It has been a gorgeous, warm sunny day at last and I’ve had an afternoon in the garden! The pond is seething with tadpoles—there are great wriggling balls of them. This film only really shows them up where they are a bit more spread out. The fritillaries are out and so are the comma butterflies […]

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Busy day

The blue tits have had a busy day nest building today. Here’s a few minutes out of their day: And this is what they finished up with:

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Spring almost arrived

I did mean to post something on Saturday, but I kind of got distracted. I feel I should record the events of Saturday though, if only so that in future years we can look back and see when it all happened. So, as reported on Twitter, on Saturday 27th March we saw the first signs […]

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Bully at the bird table

I made marmalade today—a rewarding but messy business that consequently involves a lot of time standing at the kitchen sink washing things up. The window by the kitchen sink looks out across the patio, where we have a ground feeder and various other things to attract birds. The cold weather seems to have brought in […]

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There seem to be an awful lot of butterflies around the garden at the moment. Mostly it’s white things fluttering around the nasturtiums but we’ve spotted the occasional more interesting butterfly. Or moth. I’m not even sure what the difference between butterflies and moths is, so no hope of working out the species! This little […]

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