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They’ve gone!

All the chicks have fledged. Some of them (it’s kind of difficult to count) left the nest yesterday. The rest went first thing this morning, with one chap hanging around on his own for quite a while. It’s the first time the chicks in the nest box haven’t all left on the same day. But […]

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Chicks have hatched

The great tit chicks had hatched this morning, a miserable, cold, wet day. They looked really floppy first thing and we were worried they might not make it because the parents couldn’t get out and find food. Sophie rushed out to buy meal worms, but we think the starlings had them all. Still, by this […]

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I’m choking Mum!

The chicks are changing fast now. It’s hard to believe that only 11 days ago they looked like embryos! But, like last year, there’s another greedy so’n’so who thinks he can swallow a grub the size of his head without consequences.

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The world beckons

All seven chicks have fledged! It happened quite suddenly this morning. One or two more adventurous chicks spent the early part of the morning fluttering up to the hole and looking out. After only seeing the inside walls of nesting box for their entire lives this must have been quite a revelation for them. Then […]

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