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They’ve gone!

All the chicks have fledged. Some of them (it’s kind of difficult to count) left the nest yesterday. The rest went first thing this morning, with one chap hanging around on his own for quite a while. It’s the first time the chicks in the nest box haven’t all left on the same day. But […]

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The babies fledged over about two hours yesterday morning. The first one had gone before the recording started, but this film shows the rest of them going. I’ve managed to get it down to about ten minutes. The parents were in and out throughout and went back several times after the babies had gone, just […]

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Bye bye birdies

The blue tit chicks all fledged today. By the time the recorder came on (about 6:30 I think) one had already gone. It was well over two hours later by the time the last one left the nest box, with big gaps between each one. Which doesn’t really make for a nice snappy video clip […]

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Time to go

The blue tit chicks all fledged at around 7.00am this morning, 20 days after hatching.  That’s a day longer in the nest than last year, but still four days earlier as the eggs hatched 5 days earlier than in 2008. A good few of them seemed rather reticent to go, but they all got the […]

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The world beckons

All seven chicks have fledged! It happened quite suddenly this morning. One or two more adventurous chicks spent the early part of the morning fluttering up to the hole and looking out. After only seeing the inside walls of nesting box for their entire lives this must have been quite a revelation for them. Then […]

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