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Gerroff me!

We’re pretty sure they’re are eight chicks now. This little chap doesn’t seem to be too keen on being sat on though.

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A fight brewing?

Welcome back! The 2009 nesting season is almost upon us and things are looking interesting around the nest box. Over the winter a great tit has taken to roosting in the box most nights. We’ve been wondering what would happen come spring. Lately, a pair of blue tits have been hanging around quite a lot. […]

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The world beckons

All seven chicks have fledged! It happened quite suddenly this morning. One or two more adventurous chicks spent the early part of the morning fluttering up to the hole and looking out. After only seeing the inside walls of nesting box for their entire lives this must have been quite a revelation for them. Then […]

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Bringing dinner home

Karma has now been sitting on her eight eggs for about a week, although the first few days she was a bit on and off. Even now she pops out quite regularly. We’re a bit surprised by this. We imagined she would sit continuously and be fed by Buzz, but it seems not. Buzz does […]

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How to be comfy on 7 eggs?

Karma has laid an egg every morning for the last 7 days and is spending every night in the box. How do you sleep comfortably on 7 eggs?

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Feathering the nest

As expected, when we checked this morning there was a second egg in the nest. Imagine our horror then when we turned on the television this evening to find the eggs gone! Or were they? Closer inspection revealed that Karma had carefully hidden them using feathers. Not so much buried them, as camouflaged them. She’s […]

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First egg

Well it’s definately the female in the nest! Thanks to Phil, and his comment on ‘Overnight Stay’, we realised that the roosting bird is Karma not Buzz and early this morning she produced egg number one. Apparently she will lay one a day until she decides there are enough and then she’ll start incubating them […]

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Overnight stay

The nest building has progressed really fast this week—it looks almost finished, with a lovely feather lining. We’ve been away for the weekend and hadn’t seen any of the weekend’s recordings, so were very excited to see one of the tits come in to the box to roost for the night at about 7.30pm! Looking […]

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Intruders and building frenzies

Perhaps it was the warmer weather, but yesterday was a very busy day in the Blue Tit Big Brother house. It started rather ominously when a character who was very definatley neither Buzz nor Karma was spotted in the box. This was a great tit—much bigger than the blue tits, and clearly able to put […]

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