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Around the garden

Time for an update on the rest of the garden… The mini-meadow is still not a blaze of beautiful wild flowers, but it’s a lot better than it was last year. There’s clearly a lot of different species of something in there—it’s just that it’s mostly leaves at the moment, so I’ve no idea what […]

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Another sign of spring—we have tadpoles! Some of the frog spawn in the pond is showing definite signs of wiggling. Here is an attempt at some film:

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Frog porn?

After watching a DVD yesterday evening (Beowulf—not nearly as bad as the opening scenes suggested it was going to be) we flicked the TV over to see if anything was going on on the PondCam. Three pairs of eyes glowed bright in the infrared light. After a while there was a good deal of splashing […]

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The garden is flourishing and the wildlife is moving in. This hedgehog appears to have taken up residence—he spent the morning asleep under the young cherry tree. He moved under the hedge pretty swiftly when the nephews arrived and were peering at him a bit closely. There are plenty of frogs in the pond. Most […]

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The garden develops

Things are starting to look great in the garden now. The brown mess that was the lawn after it had been scarified is now lush and green, and the new area of lawn is starting to look a bit like a lawn. The wild flower meadow has been a little disappointing. We’ve had no flowers, […]

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