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Time to go

The blue tit chicks all fledged at around 7.00am this morning, 20 days after hatching.  That’s a day longer in the nest than last year, but still four days earlier as the eggs hatched 5 days earlier than in 2008. A good few of them seemed rather reticent to go, but they all got the […]

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Toilet humour

Before we move on to the main news of the day here, for the delight and delectation of our nephews, is some poo… (recorded on 16 May 2009)

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Growing fast

The chicks are looking like real mini blue tits now, rather than little ETs. Feathers are well developed and wings are being stretched and fluttered. They’ve still got huge gobs though.

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I’m choking Mum!

The chicks are changing fast now. It’s hard to believe that only 11 days ago they looked like embryos! But, like last year, there’s another greedy so’n’so who thinks he can swallow a grub the size of his head without consequences.

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Housekeeping in the nestbox

We captured some wonderfully entertaining video for you today. The female has been busy on her housekeeping, crawling headfirst under the chicks, waving her tail at the camera whilst chicks popped out from under her left right and centre. Unfortunately during it’s long and tortuous journey from the video recorder to the internet it got […]

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Gerroff me!

We’re pretty sure they’re are eight chicks now. This little chap doesn’t seem to be too keen on being sat on though.

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We have chicks! Looks like six of the nine eggs in the Blue Tit Big Brother house have hatched so far, five days earlier than they did last year. The female (is it Karma?) is still sitting on them most of the time, which can’t be very comfortable for mum or chicks. They’re pretty ugly […]

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Quite a mouthful

Wow, that’s some meal. But what goes in…

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Wing stretching

The chicks look like little blue tits now, fully feathered and winged. Lots of wing stretching and trampling on the others going on. There are still 7, but 1 or 2 look much smaller and weaker, so even if they fledge sadly they probably won’t last long.

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Feathers and open eyes

The chicks are growing at a tremendous rate. They have more feathers, their eyes are open and they’re starting to look more cute! There are still 7 of them, though it’s usually pretty difficult to count more than 6 at a time. Karma and Buzz continue to feed very frequently and have to remove poo […]

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