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Wing stretching

The chicks look like little blue tits now, fully feathered and winged. Lots of wing stretching and trampling on the others going on. There are still 7, but 1 or 2 look much smaller and weaker, so even if they fledge sadly they probably won’t last long.

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Feathers and open eyes

The chicks are growing at a tremendous rate. They have more feathers, their eyes are open and they’re starting to look more cute! There are still 7 of them, though it’s usually pretty difficult to count more than 6 at a time. Karma and Buzz continue to feed very frequently and have to remove poo […]

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Hot and crowded

The weather’s been pretty hot over the last few days and the chicks appear to be suffering in the heat. They’re becoming more mobile and are crawling out of the crowded nest cup, presumably for coolness. Unfortunately the tree the box is in isn’t as heavily leafed as we thought it would be by the […]

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A Busy Day For Karma

The day after the threatened invasion of the great tit and Karma has been very busy nest building. Sometimes it looks more as though she’s burrowing in the moss, but we think the ‘nesting shuffle’ is intended to push the nesting material to the edges of the box. What she has against some bits is […]

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First signs of a nest

We’ve just turned the telly on to discover that several pieces of moss have appeared in the nestbox! We’ve been getting a bit despondent about the blue tits’ on going failure to do anything resembling nest building, so this is excellent news indeed. Unfortunately, although we recorded four hours from the camera this morning, it […]

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Who’s Who

Thanks for the info Black Rabbit. So Buzz is the male and Karma the female. They’re still around and in and out of the nest box regularly. There’ll be more film when the do something new!

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Just chilling

It looks like one or more blue tits is popping in quite regularly. When we saw this chap this morning we thought at first he was becoming much more comfortable with the surroundings, as he just sat there for ages, chilling out. Which doesn’t make for the most exciting video, but here you go: But […]

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Our first visitor

Exciting news! We’ve seen a blue tit visiting our Big Brother nest box. It’s taken me most of the day to work out how to get the video up to YouTube Google Video, but here you go:

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