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The chicks hatch

Turning the telly on this morning we saw a single chick in the nest. By the time I got home from work there were five. Or at least I think there were. They’re kind of difficult to count—but there were still three eggs of the eight left unhatched. It’s later than we’ve had before, by […]

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Busy day

The blue tits have had a busy day nest building today. Here’s a few minutes out of their day: And this is what they finished up with:

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Spring almost arrived

I did mean to post something on Saturday, but I kind of got distracted. I feel I should record the events of Saturday though, if only so that in future years we can look back and see when it all happened. So, as reported on Twitter, on Saturday 27th March we saw the first signs […]

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Time to go

The blue tit chicks all fledged at around 7.00am this morning, 20 days after hatching.  That’s a day longer in the nest than last year, but still four days earlier as the eggs hatched 5 days earlier than in 2008. A good few of them seemed rather reticent to go, but they all got the […]

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Growing fast

The chicks are looking like real mini blue tits now, rather than little ETs. Feathers are well developed and wings are being stretched and fluttered. They’ve still got huge gobs though.

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I’m choking Mum!

The chicks are changing fast now. It’s hard to believe that only 11 days ago they looked like embryos! But, like last year, there’s another greedy so’n’so who thinks he can swallow a grub the size of his head without consequences.

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Housekeeping in the nestbox

We captured some wonderfully entertaining video for you today. The female has been busy on her housekeeping, crawling headfirst under the chicks, waving her tail at the camera whilst chicks popped out from under her left right and centre. Unfortunately during it’s long and tortuous journey from the video recorder to the internet it got […]

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Gerroff me!

We’re pretty sure they’re are eight chicks now. This little chap doesn’t seem to be too keen on being sat on though.

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A change of birds?

Turning on the TV last night we saw the first signs of nesting material in the brother house nestbox. And a decidadely smaller bird fast asleep. When it rearranged itself a few minutes later it was clear that this was a blue tit, not the great tit which has been roosting all winter. This evening […]

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Quite a mouthful

Wow, that’s some meal. But what goes in…

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